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    The year is 2073 A.D. and the President of the United Nations has drafted you (because of your famous mathematical brain) to join a team of mathematical consultants to travel to Zonetia, a recently discovered planet in a neighboring galaxy.  King Zoppo (he's the green guy on the Home page) of the Zony Tribe on Zonetia insists that his primitive society cannot begin to make technological advancements unless they have guidance to develop a brand-new base 4 number system to fit the Zonies' two-fingered hands.  That's right; they have two hands just like you, but each hand has only two fingers.  Therefore, they need a specially-tailored number system with only four symbols.  In order to best  preserve Zony culture, King Zoppo, in his wisdom, has requested that the new number symbols be different than those used on Earth. 

    Because King Zoppo knows that Earthlings spent thousands and thousands of years developing the current U.S./European number system, he wants you to use your experience to assist him in leading his people through an efficient process, instead of leaving them to build their own number system slowly, through trial and error.  There's no time to waste!  In exchange for your work King Zoppo has promised to send much-needed energy resources to planet Earth.  Although the mission is considered dangerous, the success of your team could bring you fame and fortune and make life better for billions of Zonies and Earthlings.         

Have a safe and productive trip!

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