Number Systems Analyst Report


For the WebQuest Activity

A Creative Encounter of the Numerical Kind


Step 1:  Save this page to your personal network drive (Save As; Drive h; Number Systems Analyst Report; OK).  Or, you can save it to your customary data storage location.

Step 2:  Use the “Back” arrow on the browser toolbar to go back to the WebQuest instruction page.

Step 3:  After reopening this page in a separate window, you are ready to type the answers as you visit the Internet sites on the WebQuest.


Visit each of the following Internet sites, which are linked on the Process Page of the WebQuest.

·  A Basic Review of Our Base 10 Number System

1.      How can you break up the number 1,256 into its individual place value parts?


2.      What happens to the place value of a number when you multiply by 10?


3.      What happens to the number 24 when you multiply by 100?  How do the places change?


4.      What happens to the place value of a number when you divide by 10?


5.      Answer the quiz questions when the bus arrives.


·  What is it?  Place Value to 1,000

6.  In our standard number system each place represents how much when compared to the smaller place before it?


  1. a.  Look at the blocks diagram for the number 233.  Type the number and size of each block used in the diagram. 


b.      Type the total number of tens blocks (longs) found in the hundreds column and the tens column.


·  Racing With Place Value

8.       Scroll down to the place value game and push start to get a number.  Put the number values into the correct places on the chart.


9.      After racing the game for at least 60 seconds use the “Alt/Print Screen” buttons to copy the picture of the “Play” results.  Paste the results here:



·  Binary--How Does it Work?

  1.  How many digits are used in the binary number system?


  1.  How do you write the number 8 (standard form) in binary?


  1.  Why do you think the binary number system in used in computers? (click the “binary” link above the blue head on the “How does it work?” page.


  1.  List the value of the first 7 places in base 10 and in binary.  How does the value of each higher place relate to the value of the lower place?


  1.  List the values of the first 7 places in a base 4 system.  This information will be used for the final group presentation.



Why do you think our culture uses a base 10 number system?