Kid Cuisine

Nutritional Webquest for Kindergartners

by: Jennifer Leyendecker


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We all know that eating 3 balanced, healthy meals is a very important part of the day.  But, do you know what food groups you are eating and how many servings of each food group you have a day? Eating a healthy meal is very important. Do you know what foods are healthy? How would you like to plan a healthy meal?  You will get to choose 1 job from the following list:





You will work in groups of 3 and together design a food pyramid and a  healthy meal.


1.    You will work cooperatively together in a group of three.

2.   Choose your job title for the description below:

a.     Cook- Prepares the meal for the consumer and makes sure that the meal contains foods

                     from the six food groups.

b.     Nutritionist- Researches the Internet Sites with help from the other team members.

c.      Consumer- Responsible for examining the food items on the plate from the cook. You

                                are also in charge of presenting your "meal" to the class.

3.    All three of you will work together to research the Internet, create a food pyramid on the six food groups and create a well  balanced, healthy meal from the fake food provided.

4.     You have to work together as a team and Have Fun!


Step 1

It's time for the Nutritionist to surf the Internet to find websites about the six food groups. However, the nutritionist needs help from their teammates. Have fun but work together as a team.

1.   Click on the food pyramid below to learn and research more about the six food groups. Remember to listen for how many serving of each food group you need a day for a well balanced meal.

Food Guide Pyramid

Step 2

It's time to create your food pyramid together as a team!


1. Click on the Food Pyramid below to find the puzzle pieces to your food pyramid.

(Use this picture as a model to help you)

2. Now, click on the foods groups below to find your food puzzle pieces to put inside the food pyramid.

3. It's time to but the puzzle piece together. Use the websites and the picture above to create your food pyramid. The Nutritionist, the cook, and the consumer must all work together.


Step 3

 Let's play a game to test your knowledge of what you learned about the food groups.

Click on the Hungry Nutrition Monster to play. Have fun feeding the Monster.

Please take turns.


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Step 4

Look how much you have learned about the six food groups! 


1. Cook, get your hands ready.  You are about to create a well balanced meal for your consumer. Remember to look at your food pyramid and include all your food groups.

2. Take your fake food and plate and create a meal. Have your Nutritionist check your meal to make sure it meets all the six food groups. You can click on the picture above to help.

3. Give your "fresh made" meal to your consumer.

Step 5

You are almost finished. Now the consumer will present their healthy meal to the

class. The consumer will explain why the cook chose these certain foods to be on

their plate and what food group each of the foods belong in.


Here are some great websites about nutrition and healthy habits!











Each group will be evaluated as a whole.   I will be evaluating your group in the following areas.


Name (s)_________________________________

Date ____________________________________

1. Did your group work cooperatively?           J K L


2. Did your meal contain items from each food group?                    J K L


3. Were you able to tell what food group each item fit into? J K L


4.  Was your group able to create the food pyramid?                              J K L


5.  Did your group present their meal to the rest of the class?          J K L




       You have completed the Kid Cuisine webquest. Look how much you have learned on the food pyramid and what healthy food to eat. Remember when you are planning your next meal, have a serving of each of the six food groups!

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Credits: by Micole Muffet


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