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What We Are About

The MINjas is a team of dedicated designers, web professionals, and marketing majors based at Northern Kentucky University. We are a student based organization bringing our cross disciplinary experience and pool of talents to each project and event.

In this website you will find a selection of projects and events we have had the pleasure to work on. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Founded in 2009 it was originally established in the Landrum building located in Northern Kentucky University. Now, we moved to the new and environment-friendly Griffin Hall building, built in 2011. Our group is made up of a combination of Media Informatics, Computer Science, Web Developers, and Media Broadcasting majors and minors but we welcome other students in different majors as well. We do events like Child's Play, Pitch Night, Game Night, and Griffin Fest. Child's Play is a charity event that raises money towards children in the Cincinnatis Children Hospital to be able to play video games while in waiting or recovery. Pitch Night is a perfect night to come by and propose some ideas and projects you or anyone you know towards students who may be the right people you many need to complete your future projects. Griffin Fest is an event were actual companies would ask for student help and create a proposal for the companies and see if they like it. Game Night is just a get-together for all to down one Wednesday or Friday night and play games for 3-4 hours.

Branden Middendorf

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President: Branden Middendorf is a Media Informatics major with an Electronic Media Broadcasting minor. Branden, has organized several events in Griffin Hall such as Griffin Fest and a charity event for Child's Play. His interest are in Game Development, laughing at his own jokes, going to Chipotle

Spencer Shefchik

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Vice-President: Spencer Shefchik is a Media Informatics/CIT double major at NKU. He specializes in game design and entertainment. He works as an Event Coordinator on campus in Griffin Hall Digitorium and also coordinates group members projects.

Carolina Marini

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Communications Chair : Born in San Luis, Argentina knew that she wanted to draw for the rest of her life. She is a New Media arts and medi informatics double major. Her interests video games, art, reading, puzzles, and food.

Nicole Childers

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Treasurer: From Winchester, Kentucky. Animation for the win.