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Fall Recruitment 2006

Welcome to Fall Rush!

Jeremy Craft
VP of Membership

Being a brother is hard work, but the rewards are great! - Jeremy CraftDear Students,
First off let me welcome you to Northern Kentucky University. Northern Kentucky University has so much to offer you, and will open up new and exciting events in your life. One of those events will be your academics, another will be building life long friendships. Through the Interfraternity Council we take students and make them into men. We do this by a process called RUSH. This is where our fraternities recruitment men just like you. Now of course not everyone has what it takes to join a fraternity. You must have to have character, integrity, honesty, and a will to succeed. Being a brother is hard work, but the rewards are great! I encourage you to register for recruitment, and join us on September 10th at 5 p.m. in BEP 200, as we continue to build a great tradition of being Fraternity men. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I look forward to see each of you on September 10th.

Best regards,
Jeremy A. Craft
VP of Membership IFC

| 15.08.2006 |

Fall Recruitment 2006

Information Night

Sep 10th @ 5:00pm
BEP 200

Recruitment starts with a short info session Sunday night in the BEP Auditorium. Afterwards, each fraternity is hosting short meetings so every man can see what Greek Life has to offer.

On-Campus Parties

Sep 11th @ 7:00pm
Varies by Chapter

Each fraternity will be hosting open parties at various locations around campus. This is the perfect opportunity to meet more of the brothers and strengthen the connections you made during Info Night. Double check with each organization about their location and times.

Off-Campus Parties

Sep 12th @ 7:00pm
Varies by Chapter

Tuesday parties are free to be held where each fraternity wants. Most will be within easy distance of NKU's campus, but transportation can be arranged through the IFC or the chapters themselves. Check the Rush schedule for current times and locations.

Preference Night

Sep 13th @ 7:00pm
Varies by Chapter

By Wednesday, every fraternity is considering which men have the right stuff to be their brothers. Preference Night is invite-only and gives you an opportunity to interact with each fraternity one-on-one, in a more formal setting. You will receive invitations individually from each fraternity.

Bid Day

Sep 14th @ 4:00pm
Otto Budig Theater

Thursday morning, a list of men who have received bids for fraternity membership will be posted on the door of the Student Life Office (UC 10). At 4pm the bid cards will be handed out, and any man wishing to accept a bid and join a fraternity may do so.