Where You Can Find Us
Christian Student Fellowship at NKU

 Christian Student Fellowship meets in the basement of our campus house at 311 Johns Hill Road.  With recent road construction, we are not easy to find, especially your first time here.  In this guide we try to make clear both where our house is located, and how you can get here, because we hope you will give our fellowship a try sometime.

To help you find your way here, we will start with the big picture and then narrow the focus.  First, in the larger picture of most of the NKU campus, we are located here.  (This should open a map on a new page.)  Notice that CSF is located at the new roundabout where Johns Hill Road meets University Drive and Martha Lane Collins Blvd.  As you can see, this is on the southeast side of campus.

Now let's look a little closer.  Here is a closer look at our location on the map.  Notice that, to reach CSF you need to travel a very short distance past the roundabout in Martha Lane Collins Blvd to reach the other section of Johns Hill Road.

Now comes the tricky part.  When the new road was built, a small section of what was Johns Hill Road was left in place to reach the CSF driveway.  This even more detailed look shows how that works.  You must turn off of Johns Hill Road to reach our little road spur.  Follow it around the perimeter of our property where you will find our gravel driveway and parking area.

Since pictures are supposed to worth a thousand words, let's try some of each to complete our explanation of our location.  Looking from across the old section of Johns Hill Road off Martha Lane Collins Blvd, here is what our little road spur looks like from both directions.  Note:  CSF is the house on the left in the first picture.

As you enter our little road (maybe we should call it "CSF Avenue" or something like that) expect to see something like this:

Looking out at the place from which you would enter, the scene appears as you see below:

If this looks a bit like an old country road, that's because it used to be one.  Now, back to the entering perspective, you will come to the scene shown below.  In the background is the roundabout where Johns Hill Road, University Drive, and Martha Lane Collins Blvd meet.  The campus bus to and from Callahan Hall stops there.  It is an easy way to get here from any of the dorms.

Just follow our little road around the corner until you come to the end of the pavement, as shown below.  That large concrete building in the background is the Administration Building at NKU.  The brick house on the left in the distance is the Public Safety Office at NKU.

When you turn right (don't continue straight or you will very much regret it) into our gravel drive, expect to see this:

You are welcome to park in any of the spaces along the right side of the drive here.  If those are all full, just park down the drive toward the house.  Should all of that be full, you can also park very close to the curb along our little road spur.  That will still leave room for cars to come and go.  Walk down the drive to the lower level at the back of the house.  There is a door on the right that provides direct access to the basement.  CSF meets there.  (If you come to the front door of the house, we might not hear you.)

When it is near meeting time, just walk in, no need to knock!  You have found Christian Student Fellowship.